The Healing Blossom: My Tonsillectomy Surgery, age 35

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Tonsillectomy Surgery, age 35

In less than 10 hours I’ll be waking up from a Tonsillectomy. I’m 35 years old and have suffered from sore throats/strep, throat pearls, ear infections and pretty severe chronic fatigue a good part of my life. According to the ENT Doctor, I have the biggest crater in my tonsils that he’s ever seen. This crater catches food which can fester and cause an infection. He believes I may have been walking around with a low grade infection most of my life which would explain my weak immune system and on/off chronic fatigue.

While I’m looking forward to having them out, at the same time I’ve very nervous. Adult Tonsillectomy is pretty pain. I’ve been told several horror stories as well as numerous internet postings from people dealing with the worst pain they’ve ever experienced in their life. One woman said she’d rather give birth to her 10 lb. baby without an epidural, 30 times than have her tonsils removed again. Another said she’d rather have strep 4 times per year for the rest of her life than go through that again.

I’ve done a lot of research and have prepared myself for the different phases of recovery. The first day it’s recommended that you only drink clear liquids. Nothing citrus, tart, carbonation, tomato based, spicy or salty foods for at least a few weeks. No dairy or anything that would coat your throat for a week. It also seems to vary greatly from person to person.

I believe if I have plenty of vitamins, I will be able to recover quicker. The only problem is, taking my vitamins will be difficult so I need to rely on getting my vitamins from liquids and food. The pills will be very painful to swallow and my liquid vitamins are citrus based. I know I will be on a liquid diet for a while and I expect to lose weight. I’ve heard you can lose 5-20 pounds.  I don’t want to lose too much weight but I’ll welcome a 10-15 pound loss.

This is what I have for the first day for my clear liquids:

Pure Aloe Juice

·         Crushed ice

·         Coconut water

·         Aloe vera juice

·         Apple/Peach Juice

·         Sleepytime tea with honey

The next stage of liquids I have:

·        Prune juice to mix with the aloe, apple/peach juice (pain meds can make you constipated, prune and aloe will keep things moving)

·         Rice protein with Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfoods with borage/flax oil

·         Good Belly probiotic beverages

·        Healing Broth - its easy to make, it tastes better and has less sodium than store bought vegetable broth. Click here for the recipe.

Then when I can thicken things up a bit, I will add:

·         Green Machine, Naked Juice

·         Pumpkin chia pudding

·         Coconut Kefir

·         Coconut Yogurt

·         Coconut Ice cream

·         Chocolate Almond Milk

·         Carrot Ginger Soup

·         Butternut Squash Soup

·         Various organic baby food

·         Applesauce

The next stage, soft foods

·         Scrambled eggs

·         Mashed sweet potatoes

·         Oatmeal

I’ll miss my leafy greens and crunchy green veggies. I wish I had a masticating juicer – it would’ve been perfect for this.

Off to bed……I hope I can sleep.

Next: Day 1 - Tonsillectomy

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